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API Integration

Everthought you can create a website which provides services like shopping, latest news etc while keeping its user in touch using their existing Twitter and facebook accounts. It is possible by using API (Application programming interface) provided by some popular websites. For example Twitter API allows you to give additional functionality of getting your users twitter account and tweet on it about something special on your website. Similarly once your customer has ordered something from you, it would be good to send an update to their facebook account which can then notify them instantly. This can be achieved using Facebook API. We can integrate these kind of services to your existing website or even better we can take your idea and create a new web application for you. Social Networking APIs are one thing but there are other APIs like Google Maps API, Google Docs API and Google Wave API which can bring loads of services to your customers at a very low cost. We can integrate payment gateways like Bibit, Sage and Paypal in your new website, or your existing e-commerce website. APIs from Ebay, Shopping.com and Cashback sites allow you to integrate auctions, shopping services and cashback services in your website. All these can bring more interaction for your customers making your bussiness not only popular but more beneficial.

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